The damage done to your home is more than a financial burden; it is also physically and emotionally draining. The effort involved to secure a reasonable outcome can be monumental. Bad homeowners insurance claims adjusters flourish in this turmoil.

Just like one of our cases out of Harris County, on August 11th, 2016. A roaring windstorm blew through Houston, Texas on that evening. Our client’s roof damage was so bad that rainwater was able to leak into the garage ceiling and saturate the sheetrock causing the sheetrock to collapse. The lack of a garage ceiling exposed live electrical wires and junction boxes. Shortly after that, unsightly yellow water stains (the precursor to mold damage and a symptom of the water leaks) began appearing throughout the house.

Allstate Insurance reviewed their adjuster’s inspection of the property and ultimately denied our client’s, crippling our client’s chances of any form of recovery. Not such good hands, after all. Texas protects policyholders from dishonest tactics such as these. Our third-party adjuster estimated $21,500 in real property damage to our client’s home.

Not until February 24th, 2017, did our clients have some restitution. The Chad T. Wilson Law Firm sued Allstate Insurance for their role in denying our client’s insurance claim. Repairs to our client’s home finally began late October 2019.

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